“How do you start a painting? Go fishing. Experience the awe. See the fish, the land, and the seascape. Take notes with your mind, camera, or sketch book. Gather all the information you can in every way you can.” – Peter Corbin

This 10-minute slide show of still images created and narrated by Peter Corbin to accompany his exhibition, Line Dance – The Art of Fly Fishing by Peter Corbin, at the National Sporting Library & Museum – January 30 – July 3, 2016. The video talks about his philosophy on creating art and includes a series of photographs taken by Corbin showing the progression of his 20 x 30-inch oil painting, Line Dance, from idea to completion.

(Produced by Emery Ruger, Ledgerock Studio, Rhinebeck, NY and uploaded to YouTube by the National Sporting Library & Museum. The video remains copyright of Peter Corbin, 2016)

Line Dance – The Art of Fly Fishing by Peter Corbin (video)

Line Dance Video - 424